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creepy old man

Posted on December 25, 2012, 12:49 am, M spotting M (Around Campus). 8 comments.

I saw you... creepy old man with a red suit and white beard looking in my window watching me sleep. You kept telling me how naughty I've been and left a lump of coal in my room. Thanks for that.

  1. You're lucky he didn't decide to make it a white christmas

  2. ^oh snap son

  3. be naughty with me ;)

  4. @1: His cawk was in my face, but he was shooting blanks...guess he already gave out all the white christmas before he made it to my house.

  5. You better watch out.

  6. @4: That's because he only comes once a year.

  7. @6
    LOL. Best thread ever. (no homo...maybe a little homo)

  8. bump. :)