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Posted on December 24, 2012, 10:13 am, F spotting M (Other). 4 comments. Mail  

I saw you... or rather, an email from you, from someone - gender unknown, really.

It was 3:58a and you were awake, in your bldg/lab (NW12) and thinking about me. And yet, you went to incredible lengths to keep your identity anonymous.

At almost 4a you took the time to type out a most profound note to me, filling a page, you printed it out and then scanned it to my email address. I only know where you scanned it from - nothing more.

I was hoping that some time this term you would reveal yourself to me.. if you have and I missed it, I'm sorry.

However, I wanted you to know that I printed out that scan and nailed it to my wall right by my desk where I sat alone doing my work all semester - I read it every day, sometimes I stared it over and over, wondering who it might have been from and feeling the positive energy from it.
I'm not sure how well you know me, but it was the most profoundly supportive and encouraging words anyone has ever said to me in my entire MIT experience.

This was my final (10th) semester after almost 9years since first coming to MIT - and I credit much of me getting through this final term, my hardest term yet (72 units + thesis) to you and your note you sent me back on September 11th. I will never forget it and I am grateful. I wish you would tell me who you are....

  1. Ask the campus po po to check nw12 card access logs, they keep them for at least a year if you feel unsafe

  2. This is awesome :)

  3. Did he come forth at all?

  4. Nope. Never did.