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Starbucks at Ames & Broadway

Posted on December 22, 2012, 8:45 am, M spotting F (Around Campus). 7 comments.

Last Wednesday (December 19) at 5:30. We were sitting at a table across from each other. You had a "mathy" final and I was waiting for a friend who accidentally went to the Starbucks in Central Sq. You said your name was Alicia or Alice and you were course 6 and of Polish origin. You had bleach blonde long hair and were totally nice. I told you that I am a grad and of German origin. When do I get to see you again? I am often at that Starbucks in the afternoon and will be around for IAP.

  1. wth is a "mathy" final?

  2. probably a final that included a lot of math but probably was not a math final. OP, i dont think you needed to mention her name...

  3. There were a lot of math finals on Thursday though.....

  4. And I'm sure there even more "mathy" ones...

  5. I know of a blonde Alice, but she's taken. :/ sorry


  7. I agree with #5 - I know a blond Alice who's course 6, Polish (I think) and goes to Starbucks a lot to do work. She has a boyfriend...

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