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Posted on December 22, 2012, 1:48 am, F spotting M (Student Center). 3 comments.

I saw you...students at MIT. Way to go finishing another semester! We're all awesome!

  1. this tickles my pickle

  2. this ruffles my titties

  3. I know removing your appendix is the hot trend right now in the community. I get that it's nice to clear out a little body cavity space, so you can focus on the the organs you really care about. And I see why you're all planning to toss that second kidney. However, I wanted to just offer this warning from my own experience: Please consider older loved ones before you reduce your body cavity to a heart and a single lung I live with my mother now and wish to god I hadn't removed 90% of my small intestine. Because I have little autonomous body function and no digestive system, my mother has to change my diapers, which is incredibly uncomfortable. Also, while I agree with you that 4 limbs is excessive and unnecessary, I really wish I'd left at least 1 of them. In addition to not being able to move anymore, people have jokingly given me the nickname "doorstop", which is not even that funny and affects my mood dramatically. So please seriously consider the next 5 years before you throw out your organ.