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Extra Dropbox space

Posted on October 15, 2012, 1:53 pm, F spotting F (Athena). 12 comments. MIT

I saw you...MIT, coming in second in the Dropbox Space Race so far! Everyone should use their .edu addresses to get all of us extra space, plus push MIT into the lead! (you get 3 more Gb for two years by doing it automatically, plus more depending on how many people at your school do it too)

  1. To be fair, we are trailing the National University of Singapore which has ~26,000 undergrads, compared to our ~10,000 total (undergrad + grad), but still, click up!

  2. Staff and faculty are also eligible, as are alums.

  3. >trusting your data to a private company
    >not having your own fileserver


  4. @3 yes because i care so much about who could possibly see my folder of research references or the things i put in my public folder to make, you know, public

    convenience > elitist security snobbery for many storage/data hosting applications

  5. gg we lost

  6. convenience is also better than having an neckbeard.

    ...just saying....

  7. Pro tip:

    create more email addresses at
    install on athena computers by running "add dropbox" then "dropbox start"



  8. @4:
    convenience > elitist security snobbery

    You're the perfect sheep-consumer.

  9. @8: What if 4 is a vegetarian?

  10. For the record, in case someone is coming here from Google, ‘add dropbox; dropbox start’ no longer works on Athena. IS&T recommends using the web interface:

  11. @3,8

    You could encrypt what you upload to file-hosting sites.

    Maybe build an encrypted front-end if you want convenience.

  12. Hey dimwits! You have a locker of free storage on your Kerberos account. Use it. Our widespread use of Dropbox is an embarrassment given our available resources. Drew Houston is just a dude who wanted portability. He's no second coming of Christ. The man doesn't even write free software.
    @6 I bet your dick has a beard because it's "convenient" to you. Go read a fucking book, motherfucker.