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Posted on May 16, 2012, 4:56 pm, M spotting F (Student Center). 17 comments. Mail  

I saw you in Stata cafe at 4:45PM 16 May 2012. You had a purple Macbook and a black protective case. I'm in the green sweater, glasses, currently unshaven.
I smiled at you then broke eye contact. I was thinking about giving you a note revealing my identify.

I hope you see this.

  1. >You had a purple Macbook
    >purple Macbook

    not worth it OP.

  2. @1
    Haha you let platform wars control your daily life. Keep spergin out bro.

  3. @2:
    Haha you let the corporations control your daily life. Keep being used bro.

  4. Inb4Apple fanboys get their shit handed to them again

    Let the good times roll.

  5. Macbooks are for tryhards who want to look cool. They are usually seen rambling about DLSR's, spamming on instagram and sharing their summer plans with the world.

    Windows is for people who want some performance and options.
    Problem with Linux: Not enough compatibility
    Problem with Mac: Gay

  6. @5 I disagree.

    Linux: A thriving community of users that continue to innovate the OS
    Windows: A thriving team of engineers and programmers that continue to innovate the OS
    Apple: A dead "innovator"

    See, while Linux and Windows continue to develop, Apple is now left leaderless. Without their god who buys technology from other companies, yells at his workers to "make it prettier," Apple has no future.

  7. @6

  8. Can you describe her a bit more?

  9. @8:
    You had a purple Macbook and a black protective case.

    That's how MIT men describe women.

  10. @3,5
    Haha it's amazing how you guys are actually parroting the exact paranoid nerd babble that I'm talking about. You probably spend all day complaining about hipsters, a group of invisible bogeymen who you have never met and have only seen from afar. Don't spend too much time on reddit guys it's not good for your health.

  11. Problem with Mac: Gay
    Mac: Gay

  12. Yea, macs /are/ pretty gay. ^-^
    I'm finally getting one and am really excited!!!

  13. @10 +1

  14. OP: are you sure it was 4:45 and not like 4:47 or something?

  15. @10:
    If you spent any time as I have researching this, you would agree with the 'nerd babble'. Stop swallowing everything the Ghost of Steve Jobs feeds you.

  16. @12 I bet you like men.

  17. Actually, I'm straight but I like gay people.