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Posted on May 9, 2012, 1:37 am, M spotting F (Around Campus). 14 comments. MIT

I saw you senior girls getting all horny and shit as the semester is approaching..Your sex life wont end after college but make the most out of these 2 weeks anways. good luck!

  1. seriously. i already posted on here looking for an end of year hook up, but to no avail.

  2. #1 were you the >5'4" one-look-and-that'd-be-it girl?

  3. @1: Graduating senior here, too, looking for the same. Send me a message.

  4. Come to Anand Oza's room in Baker.

  5. who's down for a circlejerk?

  6. @5 It will be the best hack ever.

    What about a senior orgy? Come on guys, let's make this happen. We need to make this an MIT tradition. Every year, before graduation, just a massive orgy in Killian. No holes barred.

  7. @6 nice try nom nom

  8. @6 I'm down, if everyone's clean or uses condoms

  9. Desperate fatties are desperate.

    Abandon all hope, ye who enter the orgy.

  10. By all love's soft, yet mighty powers,
    It is a thing unfit,
    That men should fuck in time of flowers,
    Or when the smock's beshit.

    Fair nasty nymph, be clean and kind,
    And all my joys restore;
    By using paper still behind,
    And sponges for before.

    My spotless flames can ne'er decay,
    If after every close,
    My smoking prick escape the fray,
    Without a bloody nose.

    If thou would have me true, be wise,
    And take to cleanly sinning,
    None but fresh lovers' pricks can rise,
    At Phyllis in foul linen.

  11. in for the orgy, pepper yo anguses

    negged for phaggyness

  12. @9
    BYOH (bring your own harpoon)

  13. If I throw a cake away from me, will that reduce my chances of fucking a fatty?

  14. Is there any this year?