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Posted on March 15, 2012, 2:16 pm, F spotting M (Class/Lab/Academic). 23 comments. MIT

I saw you...8.04-ness. I want to like you because you're just so awesome, but you're making it hard on me. An exam and a pset and a practice exam that takes forever and doesn't actually review so well for the actual monstrosity I received today. Thanks a lot for everything.

  1. wtf are you smoking b1tCh

    that shit was ez

    like tbh, i left 15 min early and took a shower
    u want some 1on1 tutoring?

    stupid b1t@h

  2. Can't stand stupid bitahs.

  3. You're not stupid. Never doubt for a moment that you belong here. Admissions has thousands to choose from, a subset of those who are qualified, and from that subset they chose *you.*

    It'll be okay. Sorry for these assholes.

  4. if it makes you feel any better, i felt like i totally bombed it too =/

  5. @3: The Admissions committee can make mistakes. The application readers are just humans after all.

  6. also don't forget that admissions committee chooses around *1000 people per year*.

  7. I'm so glad my major is full of such kind, considerate, mature people. I just can't wait to work with you guys for the rest of my life.

  8. @7, nice, which major? I'm thinking of switching.

  9. @8
    Sadly that was pure sarcasm.

  10. Trolls vs. Students

    Trolls win.

  11. @9, my question stands. Sincerely, 8.

  12. @8, courses 8 and 18. Sincerely, 9.

  13. 1, 2: ujelly, Harvard students?

  14. @13 here is my email to prove I'm an MIT student. I actually find MIT to be really easy, so I guess I'm jelly of OP (because she prob gets really happy when she DOES do really well). That feeling kind of died off for me. I guess it's kind of like having too much sex


  15. Hey, even if you had trouble with the exam OP, at least you have some social skills. That's clearly lacking in a significant percentage of other students. (esp 6, 8, and 18)

  16. Haters gon' hate on dat 6, 8 & 18

  17. Once again the most boring, aspergers-ridden group of students proves how annoying and competitive they are.

  18. @12, cool, that's what I'm switching from. Sincerely, 11.

  19. Hey, 14, fyi you can always make your life more interesting and challenge yourself more, so you don't actually have to find your enjoyment in poking at people who actually are doing whatever they can to challenge themselves and who screw up or get in over their heads. You should try it. This is MIT, you know. So you can, like, do stuff. There's nothing stopping you.

  20. OP/19 sounds a lot happier now that the scores posted. Thank you for the post!

    @1 what was your score?

    @17 your major?

  21. i don't want you to identify me by score, but i'm in the mid- 90's. i'm surprised the avg was high 70s.


  22. @21, why don't you want to be identified?

  23. 8.04 was way harder than 8.05 :(