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Shower-Room Transit

Posted on March 2, 2012, 1:28 am, M spotting M (Other). 20 comments. MIT

Tall, lanky, red-headed boy, I saw you strolling out of our shower mostly naked. I tried to snap a pic for a fraudulent campus police email warning of a lethally hung shower-taker terrorizing MIT, but you scuttled away much too fast.

I'm onto you. For post-shower excursions, best start wearing a towel instead of a washcloth.

  1. >M taking picture of another M almost naked

    You gay brah?

  2. Don't think a straight guy would refer to another guy as "lethally hung."

    But please, OP, don't make the straight guys worried about getting spied on. That's a really bad stereotype to reinforce.

    --Gay dude.

  3. Yeah man wtf? If this was M spotting F it wouldn't be acceptable, this is exactly the reason I don't like being around you gay dudes

  4. @3 shut up, like go kill yourself.

  5. No spying was done. He's an exhibitionist and can't stop it.

    - Girlfriend of tall lanky redhead

  6. @5 Are you an exhibitionist too?
    I see nothing wrong with nudity. Are you all too self-aware of your...lackings?

  7. @3 - You think straight guys never do this to girls? Or, should I make a similar assumption to you that since one straight guy does this, all straight guys do?

  8. When is it not appropriate to exit the shower naked? People in the DuPont and Z-Center lockers will walk halfway across the locker room naked.....

  9. @3 If it was M spotting F it wouldn't be acceptable? You would file a complaint against a nude female walking around?

    You gay brah?

  10. this is fake

  11. @9: I think the point 3 is making with his statement of M spotting F is that *taking a picture* would be unacceptable.

    In general, I think the problem with this post lies with the fact that OP was trying to take a nude picture of someone and poster it around campus *without their consent*.

    With respect to the implied homophobia of 3 and subsequent hate against 3: It's totally reasonable to not want to hang out with people because you think they are attracted to you and it makes you uncomfortable. It becomes unreasonable if you refuse to interact with them in non-social settings, or if discomfort turns into anger or hate. Just keep your behavior civil and it is unlikely to cause an issue, although there is something sad about not interacting with an entire group of people.

  12. I think the guy was saying he'd post a pick of a well hung guy just as some flamboyantly gay but harmless compliment not something literal (hence puns on his lethal weapon).

    in short. he was colorfully complimenting the dude's shlong. chill the fuck out. move on. let gays be gays let straights be straights let border hopppers be border hoppers.

    @OP oh I got something lethal too... but slightly less so. like a six shooter...or something

  13. I always knew you were gay, OP! also, I'm having second thoughts about that rating log...

  14. Homophobia. what a "nice" way to phrase straight people. some groups will always pick words to paint their opinions nicely, and make others who are on the opposite end seem bad/unreasonable. I feel very very uncomfortable talking to a Homosexual *oops I didn't say gay*,the thought of it puts me off completely more to talk of some guy taking a pix of me naked.He will definitely not like what I will do at the end. I neither hate nor like Homosexuals. They should just remain within their own boundary and never step into mine or else....

  15. Hi 14,

    Could you start wearing some sort of sign that says you're a homophobe? That way I know I should avoid you. I would never want to discomfort you by mentioning my gay friends or anything like that!

    a straight guy who loves gay people. They can be fucking amazing. Just like everybody else can.

  16. :Best, a "straight guy" who loves gay cock. They can be amazing for fucking.

    -ftfy, 15

  17. I would love to see the tall lanky lethally hung red head. There is a lanky and lest halt hung black student that showers at the Z!

  18. @12 Let criminals be criminals... You are a terrible person.

  19. How lethally hung?

  20. I've seen the black guy, leathally hung - amazing member. Truly a gift to behold.