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Myers Briggs

Posted on December 23, 2011, 7:15 am, M spotting M (Student Center). 70 comments.

wonderin' what MIT student personalities are.

  1. I'm ENFJ.

  2. INTX

    (My last letter generally can't be assigned.)

  3. ENFJ.

  4. ENTJ.

  5. In before not a single one that isn't N.


  6. Another ENFJ

  7. Another ENFJ

  8. ESTP, which explains why I\'m failing at higher education.

  9. ENTJ

  10. ENTP.

  11. PINT

  12. INFP :)

  13. ENTJ

  14. IHTFP

  15. Hmm how about you describe what they all mean so those of us lazy ones don't have to look em up on Wikipedia :)

  16. ENTJ

  17. You have to take the test to know since many are surprised that their self perception differs from a more accurate assessment.

  18. ENFJ.

    We're pretty common.

  19. INFJ

    Type: Idealist, Subtype: Counselor

  20. INTJ also!!!

  21. INTJ

  22. INTJ too. :)

  23. INFJ

  24. ENFP :)

  25. ESFP (extrovert sensing feeling perceiving)

  26. ESFP.

    hahahahahahahahaha why am i a math major at MIT

  27. ENFP!

  28. INTP

    p.s. I guess we don't like xSxJ's

  29. INTJ

  30. PIMP ;)

  31. BEAST

  32. I was too cheap to pay for the test. Lol.

  33. INTJ

  34. INTJ, lots of us here i guess

  35. I was raised as a Gryffendor with a strong Ravenclaw streak
    but have been trying to be more of a Slytherin.

  36. @35. I want you.

  37. INTJ

  38. ENTP from the test, but Asian parenting makes me pretend to be ISTJ on the outside way too much.

  39. INTJ

  40. @36, I\'m still on campus. What house are you?

  41. GayeeNTP

  42. INTP. Only one other one of me?

  43. ENFP

  44. @42

    don't worry brah we got a whole forum, represent


  45. INTJ here too. we are only supposed to comprise 1-4% of the general population

  46. ENTJ.

  47. INFJ

  48. Wow, is it just me, or are there a disproportionate number of INTJs here??

  49. Wow, is it just me, or are there a disproportionate number of INTJs here??

  50. Is it just me or should we not at all be surprised by that? That's who we are generally speaking.

  51. notice how few S's there are

  52. ENFJ =)

    ReCAPTCHA: ar-Rahman
    wtf :\

  53. ENTJ. we seem to be not a very diverse crowd

  54. my personality type? The one that does not remember these kind of things.

  55. ENFJ

  56. ISTP

  57. @54:
    I think, by very nature of their personality, ENTJs would be among the minority.
    - another ENTJ

  58. INTP

  59. INTP

  60. XSFJ

  61. Woah so many of us ENFJ. Just wondering, are we all nice guys/girls who get constantly friend-zoned?

  62. ... ISFJ lolz

  63. ISFJ

  64. INFJ

  65. ESTP

  66. INTJ

  67. Intj

  68. PNIS

  69. ENTJ

  70. INTJ