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best place to get quarters?

Posted on August 11, 2011, 1:24 pm, M spotting M (Other). 22 comments. MIT

hey guys, just wondering where I can get quarters. i need to do laundry and the system is accepting only cash. where do you usually go to get quarters?

  1. put a dollar into a vending machine, then push the change button!

  2. Go to a bank, any bank.
    Give the cashier a 10, and tell them you want a roll of quarters.

  3. Teriyaki chicken at Bullet Train at the student center is $5.25. pay with $6, get mad quarters. repeat and do laundry.

  4. Just go to Verdes and buy one of the 15 cent candies and give them some more money and ask for it all to be changed.

  5. Go with 2's suggestion. That's their job. But 3 is a great suggestion, I think. Man, I love that teriyaki chicken. If I could, I'd marry it, inseminate it, and raise its child.

  6. @3 lol... mad quarters. It's just three. very cute.

  7. troll laundry company increases prices to a dollar.
    only accepts quarters.

  8. Next they're probably going to put change machines that only give three quarters per dollar by every laundry machine.

  9. dance

  10. monkey

  11. Bank of America

  12. strip club!!!1

  13. @12

    Reminds me of Canadian strip clubs. This one stripper licks a loonie and put it on her clitoris, then she went in front of guys who tossed loonies and twonies at it in an attempt to knock it off.

    I hit it twice, but failed to budge it.

  14. @13

    what the fuck is a loonie or a twonie? speak american please.

  15. A loonie is a canadian $1 coin, so named because of the bigass loon on it. A twonie is, by extension, a $2 coin.

    Also, that seems both highly unsanitary and painful, given the cltoribus sensitivity.

  16. You say that as though you are familiar with a clitoris. And yet, you can't even spell it.

  17. No, I how how to spell it; Thats the genitive plural declension.

  18. if you want a quarter, you should go to the bexment space center and wait until you can smell/see someone doing "laundry". is that what kids are calling it these days? hyuck hyuck hyuck. joking. don't sketchily wait around bexley. that's weird dude.

  19. It's a "toonie", not "twonie". Clearly not Canadian.

  20. @19 Thank God for that.

  21. You can also get a roll of quarters if you give a CVS cashier $10 at checkout. They don't always have rolls but they usually do.

  22. Wow, @20 is a walking cunt, good to know