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Post your crush

Posted on July 19, 2011, 3:27 am, F spotting M (Student Center). 151 comments.

Who is your current crush?

Some cute dude you saw in Lobby 7? The girl in your lab group? Explain.

  1. formerly broken collarbone boy!!

    -a Phi Sig summer renter ;)

  2. hot '13 jack florey

  3. Puerto rican girl in the z center with a really nice ass. Mmmm I want to jerkk off to her now

  4. Girl who I am extremely fucking awkward with, hence the crush.

  5. girl from my 8.02 class. :) :) :)

  6. Friggen lightning fast blonde girl on the track team.

  7. Daniele Donato <3

  8. XC girl w/ beautiful eyes.

  9. 6er who ballroom dances competitively

  10. Guy who I am extremely fucking awkward with, hence the crush.

  11. The girl from ADT that does the solo in white. Damn she has a nice body.

  12. TDC Class of 2014 Course 1

    Enough said.

  13. TDC Class of 2014 Course 2 & 8

    Enough said.

  14. Girl who works in the lab I'm in this summer

  15. no one :(

  16. my main fuck buddy. fml.

  17. TDC in general.

  18. What are you talking about? Everyone at tdc is ugly.

  19. all of a sudden this turned ugly.

  20. The TDC guys are so hott! Don't be hatin.

  21. Nu Delta guys.... Enough said.

  22. Nu delta guys smell like a combo of rotten fried chicken and kool aid. Enough said.

    PBE guys...that's where its at.

  23. Curvy asian senior in DT with some meat on her body. Mmmm love watching you move.

    Also, skinny asian 13 in DT

  24. your mom

  25. Girls that don't go to MIT and actually shower

    Enough said.

  26. @24 sam?

  27. Wellesley, BU and Northeastern girls.

  28. guys who don't act like dating MIT girls will kill them

  29. short SAE guy.

  30. guys who aren't immature bastards who just hate on MIT girls because they are so insecure about themselves and thus only have enough courage to go after Simmons, Wellesley, and BU girls...

  31. @30 chase anderson is gay. Sorry to ruin your thbrobbing clit.

  32. linda ye. that chick makes me melt :)

    -Next hse '13

  33. LCA '12 - though he's taken :(

  34. Pi Phi's president. She's hot.

  35. My beautiful girlfriend... <3

  36. hottest Interphase '10 girl

  37. hey nothing wrong with girls that arent from MIT. ew to pbe and some nu delts. tdc guys <3

  38. DT Senior Irish dancer :)

  39. Einstein field equation <3

  40. @35: Oh? Yeah!

  41. 13's ringcom co-chair

  42. There are uglies and pretties in all frats too bad the uglies beat the better looking in numbers.. oh well theyre all hoes anyways

  43. @32 I am not talking about chase.

  44. TDC King of Hearts <3

  45. @45 That douche? People need to get over him.

  46. Zeta Psi's King of Hearts

  47. Manson may be intelligent, but he's far from being a "mastermind".

  48. @46 People need to get over YOU

  49. Bomber girls. Especially that DT girl who had all that controversy this year and the mixed girl.

  50. TDChicks


  51. @15 What department?

  52. @12: fuck yes, she's hot. I went to one of the asian events just to watch her dance.

  53. @10: me too...hope it's not the same one.

  54. One of the seniors in my dorm <3

  55. BM from New House..

  56. Attractive competent guild 14'ers.

  57. Blonde aphi senior

  58. 2014 Dark haired Puerto Rican.

  59. 2012 Puerto Rican girl

  60. 2014 f, majoring in Applied Biological Sciences living in MacG this summer.

  61. Someone who is sending me mixed signals!

  62. @ 62: I hate mixed signal men! fml.....

  63. No one!

  64. @45 & 46: haters gon' hate. that kid's a sweetheart. can't wait to get back to my tdc buds!


  65. @64 : same!

    is it that i'm too anti-social to even find a crush in MIT?

  66. @50 AW :) thanks. im flattered
    sorry to burst your bubble, but im taken.
    -controversial bomber/DT girl

  67. @12 and 53:

    I hear she's single now!

  68. @68 what's her name?

  69. @69
    Jocelyn Lu!

  70. @70- she's not that hot. just nice body but I'd still do her!

  71. Course 6 guy who's already taken

  72. @71:

    To each their own. I think she's fucking hot.


  73. @72

    Damn those Course 6 guys!

  74. @50: I'm not mixed, I'm black, but thanks?

    @67: I love me come cox

  75. adorable brown pbe senior :)

  76. @74, 72

    mmmm course 6 guys <3

  77. 2012 Puerto Rican dude

  78. @ 70


    Eunice Giarta <3


  80. Guy who posted about command lines :D

  81. sam simmons

  82. Hannah P.

  83. Ohh how I wish Sam continued to row. What a grumpy and jolly fellow all at the same time.

  84. @73: she IS fucking hot. so is that other tall girl in ADT but she's taken i think.

  85. Yay ADT love! @85 Yeah she is super hot, but yeah she's so taken

  86. Scott V.

  87. SAE guys are where it's at

  88. I really like this girl, and I know if I just tell her that straight it won't work out. :(

  89. Tall dark and handsome math major from mexico ;)

  90. @90 I appreciate the Spongebob reference.

  91. @90 I appreciate the Spongebob reference.

  92. @90 I appreciate the Spongebob reference.

  93. @90 I appreciate the Spongebob reference.

  94. Uhh, my bad. At least I know my new certificate works.

    -91, 92, 93, 94, 95

  95. @95 Too bad your brain doesn't

  96. hahaha

  97. @89: how would you know? Try it and see, sometimes you'd be surprised...

  98. @1 +1

  99. atovo pretty desp ug :'(


  101. @90 Aldo P. right??

  102. One of my closest friends.

  103. I don't know her name, but I saw her in LaVerde's. Caramel colored skin, curly hair, a rocking body, wearing a yellow floral print summer dress. My jaw literally dropped when I saw her.

  104. Almas Ab... :))) But I'm pretty intimidated by her :|

  105. 105: you fucking pussy. No woman wants to date a guy intimidated by her. It makes you look like a little unconfident bitch. Leave the real women for the real men to date. Go date some ditsy chick with lower self confidence than you

  106. @106 OMG!!! you are such a macho. my superman! <3

  107. @107
    your post is rank with sarcasm.


  108. <h1><marquee> Hola! </marquee></h1>

  109. Let's bring this back!!

    NP, Bomber. I find her so irresistibly attractive.

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    we have you cover for very low ruble

  113. @112 Even for very high ruble I don't think it'll be that expensive anyway lol

  114. I have a crush on the abstract concept of orientalism.

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  116. A taken man.
    His voice, his face, his eyes, his subtle imperfections. When I look at him, time sort of stops, and the moment I saw him, I absolutely had to know his name. I have no intention, I only want to see him smile.

  117. I'm an undergrad in a course 17 grad class. One of the cute grad students taking the class :)


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  120. @118: I loved you too.. Come back, I miss you!

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  131. I'm in love with a ninja. He's sweeter than peach Faygo.

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  144. wtf is happening on this message thread?

  145. can mods just lock this thread like they locked the sticky thread at the top of ISY?

  146. How much mana does each of those cost?

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  148. Holy spam batman

  149. Moley Spam Hatman

  150. Sorry for the spam, everyone. Things really got out of control this time. I locked down this post, which should keep things at bay for a bit.

    We haven't abandoned ISY! A refresh is long overdue, though... Stay tuned