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Let's Share!

Posted on July 6, 2011, 10:01 pm, M spotting F (Around Campus). 183 comments.

I saw you...and I'm curious, what are everyone's kinks here at MIT? And not just "muscles" or "a nice ass". Let's share the really out there stuff that you would only tell the very right person.

I'd start, but I don't want to steer the thread. Let's get a lot of participation! Maybe it will even lead you to some fun exploring! ;)

Also disregard the M spotting F; this is for both genders, all orientations.

  1. Confident girls are my favorite. Also sporty ones. Hard to find those at MIT sadly... I'd rather not have to go to BU so please stop hiding!

  2. I can orgasm from having my thigh scratched and/or bitten.

  3. Hold on, could you be a little more specific? I'm still kind of confused...

  4. I can orgasm from reading posts on ISYM.

  5. Incredibly smart and motivated, independent girls.

  6. Biting, scratching, being tied up and teased, big clits, girls with short hair, guys with long hair, confidence, being whipped, dominant femmes, submissive guys, genderfucks of all sorts. :D

  7. Rough sex, choking, slapping, spitting, sub/dom, humiliation, public sex, lots of stuff. I never thought many people at MIT were into this stuff though, I've only ever found people outside MIT.

  8. I don't know about "kink", but... I love eating pussy. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of sex, but in my mind there's no better feeling than a girl wrapping her legs around your face as she cums.

    So I guess a big thing I want in a girl is for her to not be self conscious about her body. None of this "I feel awkward" or "I haven't showered since this morning" nonsense. Look, girl, I'm down there because I want to be down there. I love the way you taste.

  9. Biting is a big one for me... none of this vampire shit, just good old fashioned biting... I'll draw blood if I can get someone who'll agree to it.
    Cross-dressing (I love me a boy in drag) and androgyny from both girls and boys is a big turn on as well.

  10. Biting is a big one for me... none of this vampire shit, just good old fashioned biting... I'll draw blood if I can get someone who'll agree to it.
    Cross-dressing (I love me a boy in drag) and androgyny from both girls and boys is a big turn on as well.

  11. Oops, double post. Sorry guys.

  12. Hey -9, my certificates are acting up but shoot me an email at Someone who likes biting and androgyny sounds great.

  13. A quick googling of that email address shows a post on 4chan, asking strangers for sex. Creeper alert.

  14. Nothing turns me on like a sexy grilled cheese. I also get hot and bothered by installing toilet seats and by awkward silences.

  15. I like feet. Whenever I check out a girl, I get turned on if she has sexy feet. Most of the porn I watch is footjobs. I love it when a girl jacks me off with her feet and then I squirt my hot cum all over her sexy toes.

  16. @7 I wish I knew you :)

  17. Girls' farts. Giggidy.

  18. Analingus. Nothing better than licking a lady's asshole while my nose is sniffing her vagina.

  19. foreskin. and the musky scent.

  20. @16
    We can try getting to know each other if you want :)

  21. Thanks for the warning, 13, but I certainly wasn't intending to actually meet anyone on this site... just was responding to the question in the post, which I found interesting. As it so happens, I have a wonderful boyfriend who looks great in a dress, so I'm all set :)
    - 9

  22. Nice. This is the kind of participation I was thinking of!

    For me, knowing what kind of panties a girl is wearing. Also I find it amazingly hot when a girl really really has to pee. Especially if she can't hold it.

    Haters gonna hate.

  23. Teddy bears. Yeah I\'m pretty fucked up.

  24. @ 8 wow!

  25. I second/share 8's enthusiasm for eating pussy. Carry on, my good sir. Carry on.

  26. Like 25, I too just wanna say that 8 said it better than I could. I luh' da pussy.

  27. omg roughhhh sex, getting spanked, being submissive. it turns me on when a guy tells me what to do. i also have a student/principal fantasy.

  28. @22 No hate so far and I'm with you on both.

    Also, biting and scratching, since they clearly haven't come up enough. And I definitely agree with 8 and 18.

  29. Nice calves, short, waitress.

  30. @19: My foreskin has a pretty distinctive scent. Might you be interested?

  31. tittyfucking

  32. I love it when a guy takes control. Pinning down/against the wall, talking dirty, pulling hair, all that good stuff.

  33. I'm REALLY in to public sex. Not trashy dance floor sex, but creative and daring sex in dangerous places. Getting caught occasionally is half the fun =)

  34. I am surprised no one has said anal sex here. Well I love to give anal sex and I love tight Asian pussy. Also when girls wear skirts that are semi transparent is a total plus. I like when a women wears fishnets and acts slutty in bed

  35. A2M

  36. BDSM. Threesomes. Someone better respond, here, my whip and collar aren't getting nearly enough use this summer.

  37. @8 If only all guys were like you.

  38. Omg, I go to school with a bunch of freaks. lol.

    From my part, I like feeling sexy. I LOVE feeling wanted and seeing the guy's face and seeing that he can't take it anymore. So I like to dress up, take photos, make videos, pole dance, strip, the whole thing.

    @8, 18 WHY HAVEN'T I MET YOU GUYS?!?!?!?

    Also, I like the guy to dominate me.

  39. @37,38
    Where are the girls like you?! Seriously, all of the girls I have dated were shy about getting their pussy licked. EVEN the girls who are into rough, violent sex, domination, BDSM etc. were STILL embarrassed about it. I love eating girls out so it's a total shame.

    Also I had no idea we had so many kinksters at MIT. Where the hell are you all of you?

  40. I'm into girls that love to be on top and ride me to exhaustion. I also love those who like to moan (scream when I'm on top)

  41. I want him to caress my breasts and kiss my navel.

  42. I like the sensation of his fuzzy short beard gently rubbing every part of my body.

  43. Ditto to 39. For example, right now I'm stuck with a girl that doesn't even let me go down on her very often.

  44. gotta love those 2 girls, 1 guy threesomes. especially when they dominate the guy and vice versa. I like taking turns. I love dominating girls but i also like being under as well ;)

  45. I never knew there were so many guys who LIKED eating out!! O.o How is it that y'all only find the (rare?) girls who don't want it done??

  46. power play (especially being submissive), older guys, really needing to pee, teasing, and sometimes androgyny. c:

  47. 46: Care to expound on the pee thing?

    - 22, and probably on behalf of 28

  48. I'm a gay guy but...two girls getting it on is kind of arousing to me.

    Also: wrestling, biting, scratching, fighting. Just wanna draw some blood. :D

  49. Haha no worries 48, I'm a straight girl and two guys getting it on def is a turn on for me.

    Also: getting my ears licked, breathed on, sucked... it drives me up the wall- can be better than oral for me.

  50. I think I am more tame than y'all, but here it goes. Aside from the usual long flowing hair, short skirts, and knee-highs. If you have really long hair and keep it up and then let it down when we're alone: hot!! Clothed girls turn me on, especially sporty but neat. So all you girls working out, yeah I'm looking at you. When we're in the bedroom (or where ever) you can keep some clothes on too.

    @22,34 The type of panties is of interest to me too. VPL and semi transparent skirts are good indicators. Oddly I find thongs a turn off. Just go commando if you are gonna do that.

    I want to take it nice and slow slow and really want to make you cum many times in many ways before I do. I like eating out, but yea, most girls seem too shy about it. And don't rush girls.

  51. Fuck yea long colourful skirts, long hair, and knee high socks. Also cute feet and freckles. Also the ability to tear someone else a new orifice with a well-structured argument, especially if its about international relations.

    but none of these are really fetishes so much as just attractive things.

    *shrug* I like to cuddle and I've been told I have a Jew fetish.

  52. BDSM gear. The idea of being tied up or what have you is actually really creepy to me, but the outfits are hot.

  53. I just want to cuddle.

  54. oh I forgot to mentioned that i love to cumm in to the pussy and ass, without a condom. So far I only found 1 girl that let me do that. And lastly I love tight pants on girls that their ass is showing a nice shape, along with showing cleavage.


  55. ...and everyone at this school seems so nice and studious, lol.
    Speaking of being eaten out - girls who like it - do you let the guy kiss you afterwards? I LOVE cuni, but I'm also very aware that I'm not necessarily always a bouquet of roses :D

  56. I think some girls are shy about guys eating them out because they know really how gross it is down there. (Have fun, guys!)

  57. EFRO :\

  58. I love getting eaten out, it's just a fantastic feeling. @55 yeah I let him kiss me afterwards, he lets me kiss him after I blow him so I feel it's only fair. And there's something really hot about tasting yourself on his lips.

  59. I love waking up to him sucking my tits.

  60. Oh man one other thing about eating girls out that I love. I love when a girl lets me eat her out from behind while she's standing up. Spreading her ass and eating out her pussy from behind while she is pushed up against a wall is fucking amazing. I've only ever been able to get a girl to let me do it once, but fuck it was good.

    Where are you girls who aren't shy?!

  61. I'm still a virgin (sigh) but I love watching pornos of threesomes with two guys and one girl. I'm straight, but its just so arousing to imagine myself fucking a girl with her feet over my shoulders while a guy fucks my asshole from behind. Then I would cum inside her pussy while the guy cums inside my ass.

    If anyone wants to do this with me, hit me up!

  62. ^ uh I don\'t think you\'re straight

  63. lol 61, well the good news is it probably wouldn't be that hard for you to play out the second half of your fantasy.

  64. @61, the correct word is "identify." You "identify" as straight. For most people, this is not a sticking point, but for you it may be.

    --PC police aka the gay police.

    PS, I think all the guys who are 4 or 5 on the Kinsey scale would be happy to oblige in your fantasy, so long as you're hot.

  65. If you really want to see issues with Men who want to have sex with Men, but identify as straight, join the Army. (SFW)

  66. @50 Are thongs always a turn off? Because I usually agree with you, but I think it's good sometimes, depending on the pants. Though, except for boyshorts, I like color a lot more than just seeing the outline.

    @47 I'm certainly not going to argue with an expansion. A bit confused by what 57 was going for, though.

    - 28

  67. @55, yeah I do. Not my favorite thing in the world, but hey.

  68. For me sex wasn't really experience until it was without a condom... so com'on ladies, get yourself an IUD and it will open up an entire new world.
    And with that, it still sucks that it is nearly impossible to find a good man who will have sex without a condom. I can't get off unless he does.. which means I need to feel him inside of me - it's all about the timing.
    Be rough, let me scratch and bite as I need to just to hold on.. and you should to.
    I like it large, I like foreskin and I like really hard doggie style.. but my best orgasms are with you on top.

  69. i looooooovee thighs. i know alot of girls are self concious about how their thighs look but the bigger (and more defined) the better. plus it goes without saying the ass has to be on point

  70. I enjoy getting my nipples sucked and I love a tight ass and really hairy legs. I like to give blow jobs and love the taste of his cum and sweat. I like to fuck while on my period. Doggie style is great, but missionary position is my favorite. I also loooove getting my pussy licked and having him look at me while he does it. I like to crossdress for my guy and would love to eat a girl out if I was single.

  71. Accents from the Celtic Isles.

    God damn, I still remember visiting as a prefrosh and meeting someone with the sexiest Scottish accent ever.

  72. My girlfriend and I really want to try a threesome with another girl. Haven't had much luck finding one yet since we don't know many girls who wouldn't make it awkward

  73. @72 how bout a threesome with another guy?


  74. why i'm I the only one not having sex?

  75. @74 This is for people\'s fantasies, not necessarily realities. Having said that, there\'s no reason why you can\'t be having sex.

  76. 74 I feel the same way. Let's hook up!

  77. @66 I don't know why I dont like thongs. Never did. I like it even less with no clothes over it. It just looks ugly and unflattering to me and is kinda disgusting.

    @71 Oh yeah. That accent will do it.


  78. Male foot paraphilia. No sex. I just like big male feet.

  79. Semen. The way it looks, tastes, feels. All of that.

  80. Hair down there! None of this bare stuff. And contrasting skin tones.

  81. @79
    Can you marry me?

  82. @81

    Ummm, I doubt it.


  83. Going off what 80 said - guys! Hairy pussy, trimmed pussy, bare pussy?

  84. @83 I've never been with a woman who wasn't hairy down there. I don't mind at all. It looks fine, too. I'm not sure what I would think of bare, but I guess it would be OK. I don't think I would like trimmed.

  85. I've always wanted to get off with another guy in the sauna. I've jacked myself off in there before (it was great!) but it would drive me wild if I could rub off another guy in there while he rubs me off. I would like to even have sex in there but it might be too risky since there's always people walking by the showers.

  86. I like small dicks. Like 4 to 5 inches. Anything less than 4 is too small though. A small dick hits. My g spot easily and makes me squirt TONs. It also feels dominating to be able to stroke him with one hand and even deep throat him. I love being able to give a guy an orgasm with one hand.

  87. I like small dicks. Like 4 to 5 inches. Anything less than 4 is too small though. A small dick hits. My g spot easily and makes me squirt TONs. It also feels dominating to be able to stroke him with one hand and even deep throat him. I love being able to give a guy an orgasm with one hand.

  88. @81

    yea, unless you can produce magical sperm with the properties of unicorn blood or something I don't think it is going to work out.

  89. furries

  90. Let's just say that I like the fact that the age of consent in Massachusetts is pretty low. It would be a *tiny* bit more flexible if I had my way. Not by much, just a year or four.

  91. I also agree with #8.

  92. #68... call me, haha.

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  96. Poor form, 93. Poor form.

  97. 92 here. If 68 is Christine Yu, I definitely approve. Game on!

  98. 92 here. If 68 is Christine Yu, I definitely approve. Game on!

  99. Indeed, 93. Quite poor form.

  100. Stay classy, 93

  101. Agreed. shame on you 93.

    anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

    Academic Robes. Just Academic Robes and nothing else.
    I feel sexy wearing them; I think chicks look hot in them.

    I know what the first thing I'm doing after graduation is.

  102. Slim but phat in the right places. Big ass, huge (preferably real) titties, but a 22 to 24in waist smaller than my ripped quads. More ridiculous the waist-hip ratio the better. Knows how to shake that booty like Shakira. Damn! All the real brothers say "Amen!"
    Make a real assburger, then stick a pickle and some fries up her pussy, and eat it all. Pop open a champagne bottle and stick it up her ass or pussy. Pour olive oil all over her ass while she dances... then I'ma sip moscato while she do it with no hands.
    Mirrors everywhere...flex and admire my physique in the mirror as I do her from behind, just like Christian Bale in American Psycho.
    Planking...on top of her. Take a picture and say "dick cheese!"
    Go to the gym. Do barbell glute bridge with the girl rather than a barbell and call it working out.
    Take my bed outside and fuck her in the streets and invite other women passing by to join.
    Pay a punk to attempt to rob her on the streets, beat him up, put him in a box, then receive a blowjob from the lady in gratitude on the spot.
    Baby got back... and I mean some thickness in the lats and spinal erectors, not just ass. Visible vertebrae is not hot. Also, the shoulders should be pulled back in a graceful posture rather than hunched over in a dorky way.

  103. @102- fist bump bro! Amen!

  104. Look like Helen of Troy, smile like Mona Lisa, fuck like Rebeca Linares, be smart like Marie Curie, paint like Monet, sing like Beyonce, and cook fried chicken like Colonel Sanders.

  105. My girlfriend and I are into sub/dom and of course really rough sex. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in subbing, my girlfriend has wanted another girl to sub with for a while.

  106. Fursuits and dominant females. I want a chick not afraid to dress up as a wolf or dragon (dragonesses are my fav) and then slam me to the ground while she "asserts" herself all over me.

  107. Fursuits and dominant females. I want a chick not afraid to dress up as a wolf or dragon (dragonesses are my fav) and then slam me to the ground while she \"asserts\" herself all over me.

  108. Lmao 104 I like how your description ends with a bearded old white man.

  109. You had me at "Steer."

  110. @105: Pick me, pick me!

    (In other words, I think there's plenty of interest out there!)

  111. @108 das racist

  112. any girls here like getting their titties fucked?

  113. Lecture hall fantasies. Haven't done it yet, but have always wanted to fuck in a classroom. 10-250?

  114. @113
    Fuck yes! Pushing a girl up against the black boards and taking her from behind in 10-250 has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. Public sex is such a thrill.

  115. A girl who could match my sexual appetite would definitely be a turn on :P

    power playing is a big plus, (although I prefer to stay in control), and I've always wanted to give the more "kinkier" things a try (like handcuffs and blindfolds, nothing too extreme like whipping someone raw) but I've never had a chance to try em out.

    Eating a girl out is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Feeling them arch their backs from the sensation and grabbing my hair, pushing me against her, having her orgasm and beg me to give it to her is amazing!

    Giving her multiple orgasms and then timing it perfectly so we can both climax at the same time is perhaps my favorite one by far.

  116. 113, did we hook up for a while last year?

    this fantasy was discussed thoroughly, but unfortunately never came to be

  117. So I have a question. If a random stranger walked up to you and licked your face, would you find it sexy? ;)

  118. @117
    Duh, can we arrange this? You know what I look like I don't know what you look like and boom. That would be awesome.

  119. @30 how do we meet?

  120. 68... this is 92 calling 68, do you read me?

  121. I want a girl with a mind like a diamond. I want a girl who knows what\'s best.

  122. I find guys who can actually pull off wearing dresses extremely attractive. That being said, I would generally rather be sub than dom. I think the knot work used in bondage is really pretty, although I haven't had an opportunity to actually use it yet.

    I want a guy who makes me laugh, someone I can curl up with and read a book for a few hours, someone to cuddle with as I fall asleep, but also a guy who really gets me going, who can turn me on with just a glance or a touch. Past experience has started to make me wonder if guys like that even exist.

  123. I want a girl with shoes that cut and eyes that burn like cigarettes.

  124. Older men... 30 is my fav age.

  125. BDSM is so mainstream, it's not kinky any more.

  126. @125 maybe you should try peeing your pants instead.

  127. @110
    Awesome. I had no idea anyone at MIT would be interested.

    Shoot me an email if you're really interested (or post some other email if you feel awkward about doing a direct reply). We can see if this might work. I'm sure my girlfriend will be excited.

  128. i love to fuck all the fat ugly bitches who are posting their unattainable fantasies on here. no matter wat u say u bitches aint sexy fuckkkkk

  129. I like to fuck 128 for speaking the truth

  130. Id love for a girl to fart the super mario theme song in my face and finishing it off with a nice long turd in my mouth

  131. @ 130 Thats gross, what a loser

    So when can I start?

  132. i like an asian girl that can fuck really well and cook me some god damn chow mein

  133. @131: when was ur last meal?


  134. @ 132 Me fuk u longgg timeeeee and cook with ancient family secrets!

  135. @134: "family" is spelled wrong. I think you mean "famirry"

  136. @135 not all asians are Japanese, otherwise "shoot them if they can't say 'lollopoloosa'" wouldn't have worked very well at all.

  137. @ 116 - email me. maybe. it has definitely been on my mind. or @114 for that matter. dude that would be so hot


  138. @137
    Does your name start with an "O" by chance?

  139. @138. No. Try "K"

  140. @138
    Ok. Does your name start with a "K" by chance?

  141. (i mean @139)

  142. @140 - Good guess there. You must go to MIT or something :P

  143. @124 Hey! I am 30. Now I feel old.

  144. Darn. I'm sad to see this thread die.

  145. So, is the senior haus bondage equipment open for everyone's use, or just Senior Haus ppl?

  146. @ 145 what is the bondage equipment? what do u mean?

  147. @144: As OP, I am also sad to see this thread die. But it was a good run.

  148. i'll never understand this school

  149. Seeing this thread die is my fetish

  150. I just skipped all the posts to say that I love cybersex and meeting people I meet on craigslist for sex.

    Oh, and love giving blowjobs. Would do it for a living if I could.

  151. @115 you sound hot ;)

  152. gross

  153. @151 haha thanks.


  154. Biting. Both giving and receiving.

  155. Consent

    Can I get a "Hell yea!" ?

  156. @155, thanks for reviving this - I missed it when it first came out.

    Three words: Pick. Me. Up. Whether its to throw me on the bed, push me up against the wall, stand in the middle of the room with my legs around you, once my feet are off the ground I'm soaked. Sex noises from men with low voices make me crazy. Nothing turns me on more than seeing my partner turned on. I LOVE giving head, and I love it when a guy, or a girl, comes in my mouth. (Also, why do people consider swallowing dirty? It just makes sense - no mess, and I imagine it feels amazing for the receiving party.)
    I like spanking, biting, scratching, hair pulling - the usual. I have always wanted to try a MMF, and i echo 80 - interracial is beautiful.

  157. 155 you single?

  158. Oops meant 156 lol

  159. Ice.

    Have you ever had someone blindfold you and run an ice cube over your chest?

    Hottest thing ever.

  160. The constitution. Also the Federalist papers.
    Relatedly, I might have a mancrush an Alexander Hamilton.
    Then again, who doesn't?

  161. Probabilistically checkable proofs. And Brodal queues ;)

  162. I love teasing and making him wait until he goes nuts, then giving it to him hard. I like biting and being spanked. I've also wanted to have a MFF threesome for a while, since I'm bi and it'd be ridiculously hot.

  163. Good to see a revival, so here's my modus operandi:
    I want to dominate you. I will hold you down, run my hands up the back of your neck into your hair, and pin your body to the wall.

    But then I pull you close, tightly holding onto your waist, breathing in your ear, biting your neck.

    And then I let go of your body completely. We talk about life, whether MIT lives up to your expectations, what you really want to do later.

    Soon though, I find myself too attracted to you. I can't stop myself from pulling you close and kissing your neck, your waist, the inside of your thigh.

  164. I have fantasies about being raped by huge black cocks and double penetrated.

  165. This thread makes me feel so sad for being a virgin :'(

  166. I've had a though once or twice about getting done by a chick with a strap-on. I don't find men attractive so I'm no gay, just sounds like fun. I doubt any girls would be down for that though

  167. Random Hall.
    It is the embodiment of sex.

  168. Why put that here, where no one will see it ever?
    Why not a separate thread?
    Why do I care?
    Why am I asking you all of these questions?

  169. Is it strange that I find the smell of toner to be incredibly arousing?

  170. I posted on this before, but since then, I've gotten much more into BDSM. My boyfriend and I are in a legitimate dom/sub relationship. There's biting and choking and bondage and spanking involved. I'd be totally interested in having a buddy to just talk about these sort of things with if anyone wants to reply.

  171. @170 A male or female buddy?

  172. Any girl looking for some oral? I'd like to say I'm pretty good, but I could always use more practice. I'm all about pleasing you and getting feedback so that I can improve. No reciprocation on your part is necessary, although always welcome.

  173. @171, either one.


  174. @173

    Are you the dom or the sub? If sub, then are you sure your dom would be okay with this?

  175. @174, I'm the sub, and I'd prefer to talk to someone (preferably a sub) already in a D/s relationship and not looking for new partners. We also aren't 24/7; that dynamic is only present when sex is involved. I can't see him being any less okay with it than with me talking to my friends about it (it's just that my friends don't really have any idea what I'm talking about). And to clarify, I mean talking about our experiences in a strictly vanilla setting.

  176. @175

    I'm more of a switch, but I've experienced both sides of the dynamic. I'm not currently in a relationship, but not actively seeking a partner at the moment either. I'd be more than happy to talk about my own experiences, and learn about your likes/dislikes as a sub, via e-mail. However, I'm currently studying for a final, so maybe I'll contact you after my final or you can message me.


  177. @176, I'm studying too. Or trying to anyway... message me after you're done with finals. :)

  178. Must say i love when a chick grabs my ass, digs her nails into my back, bites my shoulder, tells me how she wants it, and isn't afraid of being man handled a little. I will happily do the rest.

  179. @176, 177...

    what about we make it a small group meeting? We had some interesting conversations in a kink cafe in SF (wicked ground) with a group of people sharing their experiences, likes and dislikes, etc.

    please message me if you agree. we can meet in my dorm room or somewhere else... (I don't check this page often)

  180. Holy fuck.

  181. @180, don't yuck someone else's yum!

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