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Z Center 2nd Floor fitness

Posted on June 26, 2011, 8:46 pm, F spotting M (Student Center). 38 comments. MIT

I saw you...short white guy wearing the Gold's gym t-shirt with sleeves cut off that squats 455+ and benches 315+ for reps holy shit you could give the redhead scarface a run for his money

  1. People need to get over the redhead scarface. There are so many actually attractive guys at MIT....

  2. @1 That is a lie and you know it.

  3. No one can compare to redhead scarface!!! He is the epitome of manliness.

  4. redhead scarface is now officially a Meme- someone should spread the word to the Internet-like the /b/ forum.

  5. I think redhead scarface is super cute. A friend of mine hooked up with him and I will forever be jealous.

  6. I want to hook up with him so badly.

  7. Maybe redhead scarface is the secret long lost child of Chuck Norris.

  8. People are still talking about this guy?

  9. @4 if you like a person, they should never be known to /b/. Nothing good has ever come from being known to /b/.

  10. lol is this Patrick!!?

  11. Ken Cooper is the redhead. Now, hes obviously compensating...just sayin'

  12. is this the way to get girls? work out?

  13. @12

    Not always, but yeah, it helps. If only with confidence. But frealz, if you can rep 135 on bench, you outlift most guys at MIT and have bigger guns. And girls definitely like guns. Unless you talk about them.

  14. how about asian girls? i'm asian and i heard the strategy is kinda different

  15. @14

    You need lots of money.

  16. @15 lol.. true dat.

  17. @ 15 and it helps if you are white.

  18. asian girls like skinny tall guys, not jacked guys. seriously, how many jacked asians are there are MIT? pretty much none except for a couple incoming seniors.

  19. @18, you clearly don't go to the gym enough. there's always a pack of huge asian dudes that put up triple plates on the bench. also, the guy that runs this site is a huge asian dude.

  20. keone may be strong compared to you wimps but hes not huge at all and he's still a novice lifter. look at his arms, they're what 13.5 inches?

  21. who IS this short white guy? anyone know his name?

  22. @11... coming from someone with experience with it... Ken most definitely does NOT have anything to compensate for.

  23. the only guns im concerned about are my ak-47s and ar-15s at home

  24. @22 So you've seen his penis, and it was big, yes?

  25. can we stop talking about this guy already?

  26. My friend had sex with him and said he was 5 yep, compensating for sure.

  27. 5 inches god DAYUMNGGGG

  28. i'm 4.5 inches and my girlfriend says its just fine. humph.

  29. @26 Ken is all man-- Meaning your friend most definitely did not sleep with him... Nice try though.

  30. Ken Cooper is the redhead. Now, hes obviously compensating...just sayin'

  31. Ken Cooper is the redhead. Now, hes obviously compensating...just sayin'

  32. ken is packing a lot, a friend of mine got with him and she said he's at like 8 in

  33. this thread is occupied by freaks and geeks. let the men (and ladies) live. no one needs you claiming you/your friend smashed or the size of their junk or whatever

    and serious
    and just as a serious were you about that 135 bench press thing?

  34. Well, talking about guns, I've got a huge one between my *coughs..

    Girls you know what the real deal is...ok come to daddy.

    If I shoot you, you will be glad I did.
    The black mamba!

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