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Posted on April 5, 2011, 12:23 pm, F spotting F (Dorm). 24 comments. MIT

I saw you... senior in the mirror. I am the troubled kid; missed an exam, no sci/math class better than a B level troubled. Is there anyone else out there that's like me? I hate to be in this position.

  1. im a junior in this position lol

  2. Buck up. Your grades won't mean shit soon. Even if you have shit grades you'll still get a good job and your job will be much easier than MIT. Soon, you'll be evaluated on how well you do at your job.

    Of course, if you don't do well there, you're fucked.

  3. Everyone has their own troubles - most are good at hiding them. You're not alone!

  4. I'm not a senior, but you're not alone. This place is hard. Just keep on keeping on, you'll be out soon!

  5. story of my life... cept I want to go back to school one day. thanks, mit, for making sure that doesn't happen.

  6. Bs make you graduate, and Cs will, too. You only have a few more weeks left! You can do it!

  7. And here I was happy with all my B's in engineering classes. Silly me.

  8. D's get degrees! at the end of the day, you can always look back and look at that piece of paper with the MIT logo and your name on it...not many people in the world have one of those!

  9. I\\\'ve talked to so many people who are afraid they wont get jobs because of their grades and I have one message for all of them. Go to a city thats not in the northeast. If you\\\'re applying for a job in NY or Boston all the employers are jaded and spoiled because they get job apps from nothing but ivy league/mit grads all day long. Go somewhere else where having an mit degree itself is a big deal--which is basically the rest of the world--and they\\\'ll be so happy to have you they wont give a shit what your gpa is.

  10. hakuna matata

  11. I'm a troubled senior with no summer or job prospects, two papers behind, missing 50% of the assignments in a CI-M, hating the fact that I'm so close to graduating but can't muster the effort to care, hauling a 3.6, and generally being lonely and depressive. Let's have lunch some time.

  12. are Bs horrible?

  13. clinical depression, anxiety of several types, eating disorder over here.

    I'm not a senior, but you are certainly not alone. <3

  14. "no sci/math class better than a B"? do you like / do well in your hass classes? major switch? =/

  15. Lol can we all get together and have a mutual bawling fest? I think it will do alot of good.

  16. Troubled junior with a 3.9 trying to break into finance, doing poorly in what is considered an "easy" course 15 class, haven't even taken 7.01x yet, and suffering through rejection and ADD. You are most certainly not alone; you can do it - almost there!

  17. agreed, junior here in the same boat, just trying to get an internship or some sign that im marketable. Itll work out in the end - keep your chin up.

    16, gtfo.

  18. *hugs!*

  19. @17- excuse me? is there a reason why my situation is not as legit as yours, or why else did you just tell me to gtfo?

  20. Perhaps 17 forgot we were on a 5.0 scale...

  21. @11 - this is me. exactly. D's get degree is my new motto.

  22. Senior, in that boat. Crappy drama for 80% of my undergrad here with some depression. A bit jaded. Sucks cuz I really like engineering. Emphasize your strengths, tap into some networks (alumni connection) for a job. S3 or MIT mental health (some better than others) are good places to get things out. You can do it. I wish you the best.

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