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3rd Floor of the Student Center

Posted on December 15, 2015, 9:27 pm, M spotting F (Student Center). 2 comments. Mail  MIT

I saw your bright orange t-shirt. To the girl with the curly hair, you're gorgeous. Favorite girl on this campus by far. Too bad you're promised to that pale-faced permavirgin.

  1. permavirgins will inherit the earth

  2. >promised to that permavirgin

    Try thinking of another insult to his masculinity/social status that's less contradictory.

    For example, just "virgin" would have been fine. If he had a neck beard, you could call him out on that. Or if he were skinny, you could call him "string-bean" or "lanky". You could comment on his hygiene, perhaps his odor or the greasiness of his skin or hair.