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Student Center 5th Floor

Posted on May 13, 2015, 2:06 pm, M spotting F (Student Center). 5 comments. Mail  MIT

I saw you, single person occupying a 5th floor study room to browse facebook and listen to Trap Queen on repeat while entire groups of people stressing over projects had to sit in the common area and wait for a room.

  1. inb4someonedefendshim

  2. Why not ask them to move? It's a completely reasonable request and unless they're an asshole they'd probably apologize and go somewhere else.

  3. Yeah, @3 nailed it.

    If a group sees a singleton in a study room, they can rightfully oust them. But they have to take the initiative to do so.

  4. That girl could have been in a video conference on Facebook. Perhaps Trap God was the hold music during a business call. It is rude of you to assume that she was misusing the study space. Were she, she would have likely evacuated promptly had you reminded her of proper MIT study space practices. LOL: You communicated on isawyou instead of Facebook (if you could find her profile) or in person (which could easily have solved the problem).