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Relay for Life - Luminaria Ceremony

Posted on March 8, 2015, 3:05 pm, F spotting F (Around Campus). 1 comment. Mail  

I saw you...
awesome person at Relay who offered me a hug
I was crying when I stepped onto the track during the luminaria ceremony. You noticed and offered me a hug.
Thank you. Thank you for breaking the silence and reaching out. Even though I didn't know you, I felt comforted and reassured that everything would be okay with my dad's cancer. He's been fighting for quite a few years, and it's been pretty difficult to deal with. Thank you for being there for me. You're an awesome person <3

  1. I think this was me. Let me know if you wanna talk sometime or need another hug - my mom's in remission now but I remember it was rough for a long time before that. My Kerberos is leckman.