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Posted on December 16, 2014, 7:33 am, F spotting M (Around Campus). 10 comments. Mail  MIT

I didn't see you... when I most needed you.

We've been psetting and partying and hanging out since the beginning of freshman year.

But when the depression and anxiety attacks started this semester, you suddenly were too busy with work to talk. When you weren't busy, you simply said you weren't the type of guy to talk about this stuff with.

If only you knew how much worse that made things...

If only our friend group wasn't so overlapping... I'd be so much happier with you out of my life.

  1. when you're down-at your worst-you see who your real friends are because they're there to support you. They are there to care for you. You probably have tons of friends who really care about what's going with you.

    And just as this guy wasn't there for you...
    I bet you there is a guy somewhere who isn't "too busy" for you talk to who would really care to hear how you're feeling. And maybe you just haven't realized it yet.
    Just reach out to him =)

  2. this sounds awfully overdramatic and needy..

  3. 2, how is it overdramatic? Being disappointed a close ally wasn't there for you when you were in your worst of spots is wrong?

  4. @3 Some people never signed up to deal with heavy ass shit. If I found out a friend of mine became a heroin addict, sorry but that shit's too heavy for me, I'd be out.

  5. ^Heroin addict being an example of heavy ass shit that I wouldn't stick around with a friend and try to fix. Leave that to the professionals. I'm friends with someone because of psets and partying and hanging out, not because I want to be their psychologist and deal with severe issues.

    - 4

  6. 5/4, Being a friend does not mean being a psychologist. Being a friend means you care about the person and their well-being. You're there for them if they need your support in seeking help.

    Someone who you party with and do psets with but aren't actually involved in at least the upper level of their personal lives is not a friend. It's an acquaintance, a study buddy, a party sidekick.

  7. +9000

  8. Hey girl, the only one you can rely on is yourself. Don't sell yourself short, trying to put yourself back together when you're around people who don't know your real value or care about the issues you are dealing with. I recently threw out all of my clothes, and I mean ALL of them, as a way to move on from a life where I cared about scrounging for whatever care I could get from the friends I had. If you're true to yourself, people who care about you will end up in your life-but if you don't, it will be easier to neglect taking care of yourself. Stay strong my ninja <3

  9. Forgot to add that I don't talk to those fakes anymore. MMFCL

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